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The Purge Movie Full HD Movie Free Download

The Purge is a 2013 American horror film directed and written by James DeMonaco. The film stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. The film is set in the year 2022, in which the United States has become "a nation reborn", with crime and unemployment rates hitting an all-time low. To keep these rates low, the government has instituted an annual 12-hour time period called "The Purge", during which people can vent their negative emotions because all crime is legal and emergency services are movie the purge movie HD/Full HD/DVDrip/XviDrip/mp4HD Video free Download click the link and enjoy movie.

James DeMonaco
James DeMonaco
Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Max Burkholder

Release date : - May 2, 2013


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 In 2022, the United States is a nation reborn ruled by the New Founding Fathers of America. To maintain low crime and unemployment rates throughout the year, the government has instituted an annual twelve-hour period called "The Purge" during which all criminal activity, including murder, becomes legal. The only rules during The Purge are that "Level 10" government officials must remain unharmed and usage of weaponry above "Class 4" is forbidden. The Purge is designed to act as a catharsis for the American people, so that they may vent all negative emotions however they desire.

After dinner, Charlie fixes a remote controlled device he uses to film events around the house. The family gathers in the lounge where James initiates the lockdown, shielding all the windows and doors, and is able to witness the events of the Purge via television screens. An official automated Government announcement is broadcast, and sirens are sounded outside, announcing the start of The Purge. The broadcast explains that all emergency services will be suspended during the 12 hour period. Zoey asks to be excused to her bedroom, where she finds Henry, who had snuck into the house before the lockdown. Henry explains to Zoey he wants to convince James to bless their relationship and figured that he could not be thrown out of the house during the Purge.
James and his family watch the events of the Purge unfold via video monitors in the lounge. After a while, Charlie is left alone in the lounge and notices a bloodied and beaten stranger (Edwin Hodge) pleading for help into the security cameras outside the house. Charlie deactivates the security system and lets him in. James intercepts the stranger and holds him at gunpoint at which time Henry reveals his presence within the house to James. Henry then attempts to shoot James, attempting to eliminate the obstacle preventing his relationship with Zoey.


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