Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Devil Seed Movie Ful HD Video Free Download

Devil Seed movie Alexanda  is lively college student returning to live with her roomates Jessica and Breanne after the summer holidys ,After  a night of dringking,Alex agress to a psyhic reading  to learn about her future with her boyfriend ,Brian ,but during the reading a dramatix turn to events causes Someting to go drastically wrong,When Alex awakes the next day ,She cant remeber the events of the night before ,she begins to hear creepy noises ,halluciante ,black out and recive unidetifiable scratch marks all over her body.free download movie click the link. 


Greg A. Sager
Geoff Hart, Greg A. Sager
Michelle Argyris, Shantelle Canzanese and Vanessa Broze

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This movie is about Alex, a returning college student who moves in with her girlfriends after the holidays. They go out and have quite a few drinks and on the way home Alex and her friend Jessica go to a psychic where Alex has an episode and freaks out her friend and the psychic. The next day Alex doesn't have any memory of what happened and her friends think there's something going on with her. Over time, she starts having things happen to her, scratches, visions and ultimately rape from some being. Her friends start to worry about her even more and things take a turn for the worst when she loses control.


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