Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Well Digger's Daughter HD movie Free download

Remaking a Pagnol film is asking for trouble. Film snobs will dismiss  the remake without giving it a chance,though 60 years ago those same film snobs probably dismissed Pagnol as a film director, finding him
hopelessly inferior to Renoir or … Afficionados of Raimu, an unquestionably great actor – when he had a good role – will say that no one can do what he did. And they would be right; no one can out-Raimu Raimu. A force of nature, because Raimu at his best was a force of nature, cannot be imitated or equaled. But a role can be done a different way, even if the words are the same, just as different great actors can succeed at Hamlet or King Lear. And yes, I speak of Shakespeare. Theater/literature snobs can guffaw, but who cares? Letthem go about their business.


Daniel Auteuil
Marcel Pagnol (from the novel by), Daniel Auteuil (adaptation)
Daniel Auteuil, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey and Nicolas


Beautifully shot and emotionally engaging, this is an enjoyably old fashioned French drama with a superb script, likeable characters and terrific performances from Auteil, Darroussin and Berges-Frisbey.
download The Well Digger's Daughter, Directed by actor Daniel Auteuil, The Well Digger's Daughter (La fille du puisatier, original title fans) is based on the novel by Marcel Pagnol, who, not coincidentally, wrote Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources, the much-loved films that helped make Auteuil's name and which his directorial debut strongly resembles. Set in rural pre-war France, the film stars Auteuil as widower Pascal Amoretti, who works as a well-digger in order to support his six daughters, the eldest of which is the beautiful Patricia (Astrid Berges-Frisbey).
download The Well Digger's Daughter, While Pascal hopes to marry Patricia off to his kind-hearted friend Felipe (Kad Merad), she only has eyes for Jacques Mazel (Nicolas Duvauchelle), the handsome son of wealthy shopkeepers (Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Sabine Azema). However, their whirlwind romance results in Patricia getting pregnant and when Jacques is called to war (before he finds out), his parents refuse to acknowledge that the baby is his. download The Well Digger's Daughter.


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